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Even as some states loosen stay-at-home restrictions 和 businesses slowly start to reopen, many areas of everyday life remain effected 通过 the Coronavirus. One of the major disruptions to everyday life has been the operation of local 和 state courts, 和 how issues 和 disputes are being resolved. While some areas are using 视频会议 to conduct court business, other courts remain closed, putting a hold on the parties’ abilities to reach resolution. The 离婚程序 has not been immune to these disruptions, as many family courts remain closed except in the case of emergency.  Facts constituting an emergency are scrutinized.  For individuals already engaged in the 离婚程序 at the onset of the Coronavirus quarantining, or for those seeking to begin the process with the stay-at-home order already in effect, out-of-court 离婚程序es may provide resolution 和 relief. 继续阅读

戒指-1185863-m-300x200I work with couples that are separating 和 divorcing so when Noah Baumbach’s film,“Marriage Story” first opened, I was curious 和 wanted to see it. “Marriage Story” renewed my strong conviction that the best ways to resolve conflict are through 调解 和 the 合作法 process. This 婚姻故事 shows what happens when things moves beyond a party’s control.  The line in the film that stood out the most to me was:  “You are fighting for something you don’t even want.”  One striking moment in the film was the literal tug of war between the parents 和 the 儿童.  The parents in the film clearly love their son but their choices about how to resolve their dispute lead them down a difficult path to resolution.

What follows are some of the lessons to be learned from “Marriage Story”: 继续阅读

Moms 和 Dads that choose 调解 or 合作法 usually want to create a stable, healthy environment as the family reconfigures during a 分居与离婚. A well thought out 育儿计划 helps 孩子们 和 parents move forward in a positive way. 继续阅读

The term “nesting” is used to describe an arrangement where the 孩子们 remain in the 首页 while the divorcing parents take turns living in the 首页 和 in another location. (The parents move in 和 out of the home rather than the 孩子们 moving between homes.) Nesting is an option that some parents consider as a transitional 为人父母 arrangement because they  want to keep the 孩子们’s living arrangements in place for a period of time during 和/or post 离婚.  In practice, 套料 is something that requires cooperation 和 communication from both parents, 和 careful consideration should be given before 套料 is used. 继续阅读

Divorce 和 保管 disputes are often material for tabloid front pages. Celebrity splits never seem to fall out of favor in the media, even though there are alternative 和 appropriate 争议解决 methods designed to minimize the hostility. Headlines for years have centered on Brad Pitt 和 Angelina Jolie – the once happy Hollywood couple nicknamed Brangelina 通过 the media. The couple filed for 离婚 almost two years ago, yet updates on their relationship continue.. Just recently, reports came out about a “bitter” 保管 battle allegedly being waged 通过 Jolie. When two parties go from a seemingly happy relationship to a contentious court battle, it might seem like the hopes for respectful 和 productive negotiations are gone. This does not have to be the case in a high conflict situation because the 合作法 process has created an environment where the focus is on the 孩子们 和 the structure encourages dignity 和 respect rather than inflame underlying hostilities.  继续阅读

Taking trips with the family 离婚后 should continue to be a fun, memorable experience regardless if it’s a day trip or longer.  Moving forward, most families benefit when the parents work out a concrete plan for how vacation time will be spent with the 孩子们. This helps to create stability 和 certainty in making vacation 和 旅行 plans 和 in the 孩子们’s lives.  继续阅读

The 离婚程序 is an emotional time. Tensions surrounding a 育儿计划 may mount even when both parents prioritize the needs of the 孩子们.  Responsiveness, stability, 和 practicality are significant factors in developing a 育儿计划. As parents begin to develop a 育儿计划, the need for flexibility is also very important in creating options that consider the 儿童 first.  继续阅读

In 2014, actress Gwyneth Paltrow 和 musician Chris Martin 离婚d. Like many 名人 breakups, news of the couple’s 分居与离婚 made headlines across the country 和 beyond.  One particular detail elicited a reaction from many people: the phrase “conscious uncoupling.”  People were interested in hearing about this couple’s take on what the family looks like when going through a 离婚.  In the years following the couple’s 离婚, Paltrow 和 Martin have still been in the news for how they co-parent 和 interact with one another 和 their efforts to contribute positively to the culture of 离婚.  Conscious uncoupling 和 合作离婚 seek to redefine the construct of the traditional adversarial 离婚.  继续阅读

我最近发布了一个 博客 focusing on the Brad Pitt/Angelina Jolie 离婚, specifically that the 合作法 process may be beneficial for the couple. In addition to the general benefits of the collaborative process 和 how they may be applied to the Pitt/Jolie 离婚 (the previous 博客 can be viewed here), the Brangelina case is also an excellent candidate for 合作法 because of the 孩子们.  继续阅读

When a family goes through the 离婚程序, there is often an emphasis placed on 共同育儿 – both parents sharing the responsibilities of caring for the 孩子们. It is important that spouses 和 co-parents find an approach to 儿童 保管 和 timesharing that suits their own family’s background, circumstances, needs 和 preferences. 继续阅读