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律师与客户200x300When initiating the 离婚 process, selecting the right 律师 may seem challenging 和 stressful. Finding someone who aligns with your 工艺选择 和 objectives can help the process move more smoothly. Just as there are different 工艺选择s for your 离婚, there are different 律师 styles. Having a consultation with an experienced family law 律师 helps to determine whether the 律师 has the requisite experience for your matter 和 whether he or she will conduct the negotiations in a way that comports you’re your intentions 和 goals.

There is not a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to a legal matter, including 离婚. Parties should ideally agree on the process that will promote a mutually beneficial outcome. In working toward that goal, finding the “right” 律师 is also an important decision. In 选择律师, some of the considerations that clients can keep in mind are outlined below.


加上思想泡泡300x244A 婚前协议 is a written contract between two people that is entered into before 婚姻 和 takes effect upon 婚姻.  This document has become more popular as couples realize the importance of clarifying expectations 和 setting a good foundation for 通讯 about finances (and other issues) before the 婚姻.

Each couple has a unique set of goals 和 issues to be addressed 和 the 预婚 can be specifically tailored with that in mind.  Without a 预婚, state laws dictate who owns the property acquired during the 婚姻 as well as what happens upon the dissolution of the 婚姻.

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Celebrity breakups tend to take news cycles 通过 storm, 和 when there are 宠物 involved, it raises a lot of questions about ‘pet 保管’. Pop star Miley Cyrus has recently made headlines because of her high-profile 分离 with Hollywood actor Liam Hemsworth. The couple maintained an on-and-off relationship for years, 和 has been 已婚 for less than one year, having 已婚 in late 2018. Throughout the course of their relationship, the couple adopted 和 rescued many 动物s, including dogs, cats, 和 farm 动物s such as horses, mini horses, 和 pigs. Now that Liam Hemsworth has officially filed for 离婚,  who gets the 宠物? 继续阅读