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Moms 和 Dads that choose 调解 or 合作法 usually want to create a stable, healthy environment as the family reconfigures during a 分居与离婚. A well thought out 育儿计划 helps 孩子们 和 parents move forward in a positive way. 继续阅读

The 合作的 process offers many benefits to parties that are willing to work together to reach a solution in a non-confrontational environment. When parties put in a good-faith effort to communicate 尊重fully, a mutually beneficial solution can be reached. Part of 尊重沟通 includes not only speaking in a 尊重ful way; it also means actively 倾听 with that same 尊重. During the 离婚程序, parties are understandably stressed 和/or anxious, 和 this may affect how 讨论区s progress. When both parties come to the table eager to have their points heard, the equally important aspect of 倾听 may sometimes be overlooked. With this in mind, I have compiled some considerations to aid in the 积极倾听 process during a 合作的 讨论区: 继续阅读

博客自定义库存照片300x200As 2019 begins, I took some time to look back over the topics I visited in 博客s during 2018. I started 2018 通过 writing a piece on 在解决冲突期间保持尊重. Conflict resolution was a recurring theme in not only my practice, but in much of the front page news. I even looked into whether a 说话棒 may actually aid during an impasse in 谈判s. There were many high-profile 冲突s in the news throughout the year, about everyone from celebrities to politicians. It felt important for me to keep in mind the importance of 尊重 和 cooperation in disputes, 和 as a 新年 starts fresh, I wanted to highlight some of my own thoughts for the beginning of 2019: 继续阅读

Is 礼貌 in our society spiraling downward? It often feels like that nowadays.  This does not have to be the case in our families 和 in our own circles of colleagues 和 friends if we pay attention to how we are engaging in the resolution of different points of view.   Civility is more than just politeness.  It is possible to disagree with 尊严 和 尊重.  Yes, it is possible to go high rather than low when a challenge presents itself. 继续阅读

The Russian film Loveless, directed 通过 Andrey Zvyagintsev, is an intense, provocative drama that can be viewed on many levels.    It is a comment on what happens when a marriage breaks down as well as a critique of modern Russian society.  继续阅读

Last week a ‘talking stick’ reportedly broke the stalemate over the government shutdown.  Just what is a 说话棒 和 how can it be used as a means of working through impasse in a 谈判? 继续阅读

“The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort 和 convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge 和 controversy.”
― 马丁路德金。  继续阅读